25. dutch. he/him


hi, my name is kai! i'm a 25 year old transdude who likes kpop, sociology, (TT)RPGs etc.
I have an undergrad in korean studies and currently pursue a graduate degree in East Asian studies.

check out my work tag for an overview of my projects and ttrpg for all my game-info!

Current obsessions include:
exo, mo dao zhu shi and ffxv.


i participate in TTRPG streams, stream my own gameplay at times and i am a newbie cosplayer!

Current projects

  • see TTRPG

  • official cosplay and photography instagram

  • unnamed Monster of the week project

  • grad thesis re: parasocial relationships in korean pop

past projects


i am both player and DM in many ttrpg systems. i specialise in horror and thriller RPGs. i can be reached for games through discord and twitter!
(my timezone is gmt+1)

I can currently be found:

6pm EST - Scratticus Academy
DND 5E - Isle of blythesmouth

systems known: (specialty bolded)

  • DND 5e

  • Monster of the week

  • 10 candles

  • bluebeard's bride

  • crash panda's/honey heist/etc.

  • gumshoe

  • urban shadows

before you follow

Feel free to follow me on the social media listed!

my twitter is by no means a business twitter or a promotional platform. the content there is not curated and therefore personal and incoherent. if you would like your twitter feed to not be invaded by any of my fandoms, do not follow.

if you want to add me on the following social media, send me a twitter dm!

  • discord

  • instagram

  • steam